Flow Smart Batch Controller

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Services Provider of Flow Smart Batch Controller and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

An Intelligent Companion for flow Dispensing Systems

The menu driven; user configurable display ensures that all-important parameters are displayed.


FlowSmart (FS8000) is an intelligent microprocessor based Flow Batch Controller for Metering Installations. It has been designed to perform various loading applications, such as Tank Trucks, Rail Cars, Industrial Barrel Filling, Barge for Petroleum Liquids, Aviation Fuel, LPG, LNG, Lube Oils, Chemicals, etc. It communicates with Loading Rack Computer, Mobile handheld devices / Printers, with other Peripheral / Host devices. It has an ex-proof and weatherproof housing. It Provides Pulse Verification to API and ISO Standards.

Salient Features
  • Large Graphic & Alpha numeric / Triplex Liquid Crystal Display.
  • Latest Generation Design.
  • Large Viewing area.
  • Dual Communication Ports.
  • Pulse Security Conforming to IP-252 / ISO-6551
  • Menu Driven Operator Interface.
  • Tactile Keyboard.
  • Data Storage up to 1000 transactions (expandable).
  • Field Programmable Options with Handheld devices.
  • OTP and Encryption enabled.

FlowSmart is installed in an ex-proof (Ex) and weatherproof (IP-66) housing, the front of which includes:

  • Tactile Keyboard.
  • A window for the reading of the display unit.
Flow Smart Batch Controller
Keyboard Operation Calibration and Compensation

Multi-functional keys are provided in the front:

  • Delivery
  • Totaliser
  • Flow rate / Amount
  • Preset quantity
  • Temperature
  • Batch start/ stop
  • Password/ OTP
  • Operational Mode selection (Remote/Local)

FlowSmart provides multi-point meter accuracy curve linearization.

The meter calibration:
A four-way DIP switch located inside the sealed Cover. (Protected by Legal Metrology seal). The temperature compensation can be provided as per API tables. The display of compensated and uncompensated quantity can be programmed.

Communication and Peripherals

FlowSmart has multiple RS485 / RS232C communication ports and provides optional host communication redundancy. It may be associated with various peripheral, and depending on the case, will perform as either master or slave operator unit.

It accepts analog inputs for RTD. Other than standard outputs, it provides connectivity to external devices such as Isolation Valves, Pumps, Alarms, Ticket Printer, etc.


FlowSmart offers compatibility with any type of metering instrument. FlowSmart adopts to any measuring factor (pulse ratio) and is electrically compatible with all types of pulse transmitters.